Orthodontic Retainers

Retainers Keep Your Smile Beautiful Post-Treatment

Congratulations! You have completed the braces phrase of your treatment plan and earned yourself a gorgeous smile with the help of your trusted Nashua, NH orthodontists. We understand exactly what our patients go through to achieve the smiles of their dreams, so we want to ensure that they are able to keep those smiles for the long haul. We do this through engaging in a retention phase immediately following the removal of your braces.

What does retention require?

Although it may seem like more treatment, the retention phase of your treatment plan is actually very simple. Dr. Metcalf or Dr. Bednarz will simply create a specialized orthodontic appliance to help hold your teeth in their new position. The most common appliance used is known as a retainer. It is a removable appliance that can be shaped perfectly to fit your mouth and hold your teeth in position. They are easy to care for and simply require removal before eating and brushing, and brushing the retainer prior to using it again.

Why must I wear my retainer?

The human body is a creature of habit. It likes to keep things homeostatic and will fight many changes for an extended period of time. When your teeth are moved to their new position, they go through a long period of wanting to move back to where they were. This can last for years. Eventually, your teeth will become happy with their new position and may not try to move as much. However, it is recommended that you continue using your retainer for as long as possible to guarantee that you keep the smile you worked so hard to achieve.

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Whether you use Invisalign or traditional braces to reach your goal of a beautiful smile, you will need a retention phase. Contact us today to learn more about the additional services our office offers to help you keep your smile as gorgeous as ever. We look forward to hearing from you soon!